What Our Customers Say:

Our goal in putting our 34 court facility together was to find a full service company that could supply us with volleyball, basketball, seating, scoring and other miscellaneous equipment that would make our day to day operations run smoothly and prevent down time. After searching the market, we landed on Schelde North America because of the ease of use, durability and expert advice they and their products provide. We change our courts over from basketball to volleyball several times each week and need accurate and easy to set equipment to reduce labor and change-over time. We are thrilled with our choice ten years later and have partnered with Schelde in our expansion and opening an additional facility in Avondale, Arizona. Schelde quality, durability and ease of use is one of the reasons for our success and we always recommend Schelde when we are asked for advice.

The American Sports Centers Anaheim, California

Mick Haley

If you want to build a championship team, you must find a way to maximize the time you spend with your student athletes. They need to compete for grades and they only have so much time to devote to practice. Wasting precious practice time on mundane things, like setting up and adjusting equipment, that really drives the kids nuts.

That's why Schelde volleyball equipment has been so vital to our success at USC. Schelde equipment is easy to put up and take down. The net is always taut and easy to adjust. All of our players can handle it with ease, and they like the equipment. If you have quality equipment that goes up quickly, it gives you more time to focus on the individual skills of each student. Having the time to develop the full potential of every player on your team, so they can all contribute to your success, is the real key to building a championship team.

Schelde's engineers really have the right idea. Their technology is light years ahead of anything else on the market, and their equipment looks beautiful, which I think makes the entire sport look more progressive. We want our team to be on the cutting edge and Schelde equipment helps us get there.

Head Coach
University of Southern California 2002 and 2003 Division I National Volleyball Champions

Stephen Rosebrook

Our relationship goes back a number of years, twelve to be exact, and I know that because when we opened the Apollo of Temple in 1997 (now the Liacouris Center) on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia my first purchases were (2) Sam 10's and (4) Sam 8's for the men's and women's D-1 basketball teams.

I was so happy with the quality of the product and the after sales service that when I moved on to open the Air Canada Center in Toronto, home of the NBA's Toronto Raptors, again purchased (3) Sam 10's and (4) Sam 8's. These were your first NCAA and NBA buildings respectively and I couldn't have been happier for Schelde.

It didn't stop there as five years later when I became Director, Arena Operations and opened up the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, home of the NBA's Houston Rockets, I again purchased (3) Sam 10's and (4) Sam 8's, convincing Carroll Dawson, the long-time GM of the Rockets, to switch brands. He did so and was very impressed with the all the units.

At present my current facility, XL Center, is home to the University of Connecticut's men's and women's basketball programs who have combined for eight National Championships including the reigning women champs with an undefeated season 2009. We have (3) Sam 10's, which were purchased before I arrived, and are still in great working condition after years' of use.

I would like to take this opportunity to applaud Schelde North America for designing great basketball units. I feel this way because they make installation and removal a breeze, ease of adjustments and outstanding after sales service. That combined with the advanced engineering technologies of the sub-frame and the glass-free rim mount makes the SAM 8 or 10 the best unit on the market. In addition to all of that, they are very sturdy and have almost no vibration. I have worked with other units, at other buildings, and in my opinion, there is absolutely no comparison.

I am proud that I chose the Schelde product at all of my facilities and along the way opened the door for Schelde with other NCAA and NBA facility managers. It is still a great product and would not hesitate to purchase it again or recommend it to anyone.

Asst. GM/Regional Director - AEG Facilities
Northland AEG XL Center/Rentschier Field

When we moved into the new Jack Breslin Student Events Center in 1989, the SAM basketball goals moved in with us as original equipment. They have served us extremely well and perform as well today as they did when installed. The units have been virtually trouble-free, requiring very little maintenance. We continue to be pleased with the performance of these units.

Associate Director of Athletics
Michigan State University

I love doing business with Schelde North America! I used their volleyball and basketball equipment in a major college recreation center project at the University of Houston and recently purchased badminton equipment and Schelde's Sand Pro Telescopic volleyball system for a new project at Houston Baptist University. I have always been impressed with the quality of their equipment and the knowledgeable service Schelde delivers. They are my first choice when considering options.

Schelde's great equipment and staff deliver every time!

Associate Vice President, Student Life
Houston Baptist University, Texas

We have been using Schelde's volleyball net system for the past four years. The overall design and durability of the product made it the logical choice for our program's needs. I believe Schelde is clearly one of the best net systems on the market.

Head Volleyball Coach
Northwestern University

As a small Christian school, St. John's sometimes finds it difficult to get the attention of vendors. This was not the case with Schelde North America. Our sales person, Ron Idema, was knowledgeable, timely and courteous. The entire transaction was handled electronically, but with a personal touch. The overall service and use of technology was outstanding and I recommend Shelde North America without reservation. Our salesperson understood exactly what we wanted and met each of our needs in a timely and professional manner. The quality of the artwork and materials was absolutely top notch! We are completely satisfied.

St. John's Christian Academy
Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Our new volleyball equipment arrived on Tuesday afternoon. I put the items together that evening and met with the team and coaches on Wednesday to go through a trial run on the setup process. Setup went extremely well and I can't begin to tell you how much easier it is to setup and how much easier it has made my life. No more finding this bolt or that pulley to make our old system work. I was able to retire my roll of duct tape since my new equipment no longer requires those temporary modifications. Setup took less than 10 minutes and when the officials arrived, quick adjustments were able to be made to adjust the net height to the exact measurement they requested. I was actually able to get some other work done prior to the start of the match due to the ease of setup. I can't say enough about the quality and the ease of this entire process.

Athletic Director
Southeast Raleigh High School

As the manager of a multi-use facility, we needed a net system that offered flexibility for quick set-up and tear down. We must often do a complete changeover of our 16-court facility in a few hours. The Portable Pro net system offered us the ability to be able to change over the arena quickly with minimal staffing. The system also has the durability to hold up to the kind of abuse that occurs during multiple setups and teardowns. We have been very pleased with the reliability of the Portable Pro system and the service that we have received from the staff at Schelde North America when needed. I would recommend this system to anyone that needs the flexibility to change over their arena with a minimal amount of time and effort and still have a quality system for a high level of play.

Events Coordinator/Facilities Manager
Wisconsin Dells Center

We have a 6-court facility that gets a ton of use. Schelde Sports equipment gives us the flexibility we need and their products have held up over the course of time. We highly recommend their product line and look forward to using their equipment for years to come.

Facility Manager
Palos Courts Sports Complex

When it comes time to build this new gymnasium, I want Schelde equipment. It’s what I have now and it is AWESOME! I haven’t seen anything better out there. Madelyn and I have been working together for years and your company is always helpful. If I’m still here when the dirt starts to fly my vote is for you.

Head Volleyball Coach
Parkway North High School, Missouri