Model number: UPGCOL


If you own an older Collegiate net system, you can now get all of the advantages of our new SNA Sports Collegiate 4000 systems with a simple, inexpensive upgrade package.

Collegiate 4000 Upgrade Package

The Collegiate 4000 upgrade kit is easily installed with just a few simple tools. Slide your old Unirail assemblies off your posts and discard, slide the new ones one, and you're playing on SNA Sports's newest technology.

Collegiate 4000 Upgrade Kit Includes:

• Collegiate winch rail featuring a new Limited Lifetime Warranty winch and leverlock net height mechanism.
• Collegiate end rail featuring a leverlock net height mechanism and new-style J-hooks.
• 2 replacement rail stop bumpers for rail channels on posts.
• 4 replacement nylon end caps for post ends.