Portable Pro II Volleyball Net System

Model number: SNAVB8100


Portable Pro II Volleyball System to include: Two Bases, Referee Stand, Winch, Full Padding, Net w/Cable Covers, Sideline Markers & Antennas

The Portable Pro II freestanding volleyball net system is a smart solution for arenas or facilities where traditional floor sleeves and anchoring systems are impractical or simply impossible. Every component (referee stand included) is contained in the rolling base for quick and easy setup, takedown and storage. Integral ballast and front friction bar allow super-tight net tensioning and prevent sliding on all playing surfaces. Units are fully padded for optimum safety.

Complete Portable Pro II System
Includes two rolling bases with steel posts, 26:1 backlash-free worm gear winch, Kevlar Competition Net, antennae, sideline markers, and full padding in your choice of 16 school colors (see colors).