Sportmaster™ 4.5 Junior

Model number: SNABA894GJR


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The Sportmaster 4.5 Junior is an economical version of the Senior model (with a 4' 6" clearance space) equipped with a smaller 42" x 54" direct-mount unbreakable glass backboard and standard breakaway rim. It's well suited for team practice or for clubs, churches, clinics and recreational competition of all levels. Spring-assisted setup and ratchet-operated pedestal floor-mount system allow for easy installation by one person. Impact padding is available in 16 standard colors (see colors). Structure covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

Space Requirements:

Sportmaster 4.5 Junior requires a minimum of 5' 6" from the baseline to the nearest wall, bleachers or obstruction. Storage dimensions are 6' 6" high, 4' 8" wide and 10' 4" long.