Better Basketball Equipment for a Better Game.

Trusted by top arenas

SNA Sports, formerly Schelde North America, brings an excellence and stability trusted by top public and collegiate athletic facilities and professionals across the country. Not many athletic equipment companies can point to the products they sold 30 years ago as still in active use, but we can. At SNA, we inspire loyalty with our customers: our first collegiate client still uses the four goals we provided their facilities in 1989. Because at SNA, we value quality above all else, and we ensure no product on the market can out perform ours. That’s the benefit of SNA equipment. Experience it for yourself.

Easy and reliable system setup

SNA develops our products around one core value: facilities managers should be able to set up a goal system quickly—with minimal effort and high reliability. That’s why we revolutionized our product with an improved spring-activated lift mechanism and a kinetic integrated stabilizing system. With these innovations, SNA portable basketball goals can be set up by a single person and raised up and stabilized at precisely 10 feet high every time. SNA offers a reliable and durable product for our customers. That’s why we beat out the competition; they just can’t match our performance.

Continuous quality improvement

When it comes to basketball, SNA Sports designs for the global stage. Now in the fourth generation of design innovation, we’ve refined our engineering to ensure our portable basketball systems are the leading option in strength and durability. Our spring-assisted mechanisms for goal raising have been copied by every competitor, and our patented glass backboard design was the first to ensure no dunk could shatter the backboard. SNA basketball systems are rigorously tested and perfected to exceed all international, professional and NCAA requirements.

Unsurpassed customer support from experts

The team at SNA is comprised of people who not only know basketball, but live it. Harnessing the knowledge and skill of former basketball coaches and athletes, our staff works with the specific needs of your department to outfit your facility for both performance and endurance. Whether you coach a Division I college team or a local recreation team, are building a new facility or retrofitting an aging gym, our experts work closely to assist you with court layout, installation and recommendations for every level of play. At SNA Sports, you get more than just great equipment; you get smart advice from experienced professionals who care about athletes and care about the game.