Celebrating Three Years as SNA Sports

SNA Sports

Ever since the first goal was made using a wooden basket in 1891, basketball has been a celebrated American tradition. Though the sport has now spread to every corner of the globe, the United States is still the leader in equipment innovation. It was for that reason that we started developing and manufacturing all of our products here in the U.S. in 2007. In 2016, we changed our name to SNA Sports. While our former name tied us to a European brand, we felt that stepping out on our own would reflect our strengthened connection to the American pastime we’re so passionate about.

As we reach the three-year mark with our new name, we’re celebrating the ways that our company has changed in the last few years—as well as the ways we’ve stayed the same. Our product offerings have expanded, and we now make products for more games than ever, from soccer to tennis and everything in between. However, our commitment to quality and innovation, which has been earning us the trust of customers worldwide for three decades, never changes.