The SNA Story

We’ve always valued superior sports equipment for teams at the high school, collegiate and professional level.  And over the years, SNA has emerged as an industry standard for our ongoing equipment innovations in basketball and volleyball. Outfitting globally renowned events like March Madness and the 2000 Sydney Games, SNA proudly keeps producing better equipment for a better game. 36 years in, we’re only getting started.

As a sister company to Bison, Inc. we’re able to offer a large range of products to complement our own equipment, such as full-color graphic wall padding and scoring tables. As a sports equipment manufacturer, Bison shares SNA’s values for safe and durable products – the same values that have made each of our companies successful for 36 years.

Better Equipment for a Better Game.

The SNA story begins over 35 years ago when Jim Peterson founded this company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jim and a small group of friends all shared a passion for providing superior sports equipment for teams at the recreational, collegiate and professional level. With a special emphasis in volleyball and basketball, they entered the market as innovators, bringing products to the North American market that later became industry standards-from the first aluminum volleyball posts to the first shatterproof backboard design in basketball.

By 2000, the company established itself as a top contender for equipment design that elevated athletic performance in both basketball and volleyball. That summer, Jim served as company representative for the portable basketball goals at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Today, our innovation and performance as a company continues. We’ve grown to be far more than a volleyball and basketball company. In 2016, we recognized that growth by changing our name to SNA Sports. While growth has brought change, the things we value have remained the same. Our team still partners with every client to outfit your athletic department with the products that best suit your needs. And we continue engineering and installing better equipment to bring all kinds of athletes a better game.

That’s who we are, and who we’ll always be.

“When it comes to quality service, customer support, and all around business-to-consumer sales, SNA Sports has it all. From the beginning of contact, whether it’s with the sales, art and design, or executive staff, you are treated top notch. I would advise any customer looking for sports equipment to look no further than Jim Peterson and his entire team at SNA Sports. They work above and beyond to make sure you as a customer are fully satisfied with every part of your purchase. You will never want to purchase from any like vendor, if there even is one that compares. We thank Jim, Amy and the entire team for all they have helped us with along the way!”

Casey A. MacDonald
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Wellness and Events Center