Celebrating Women In Volleyball

Amy Deschaine

The Future is Female.

The world of sports is no longer the good ole’ boys club. It’s filled with powerful, inspiring, and decorated female athletes who keep proving that women deserve—and more than earn—the right to play. But, as far as we’ve come with gender equality in sports, there still is more we can do.

Lindsey Berg, former Olympic and professional volleyball athlete is taking up this mission with the Cuore Project. A name derived from the Italian word ‘heart’, Lindsey founded this all-digital network to serve as a platform to inspire and educate the next generation of female volleyball athletes to play and live with ‘cuore’.

We’re proud to be a small part of Lindsey’s mission, serving as her equipment manufacturer of choice.

To learn more about Lindsey Berg and the Cuore Project, click here.

“I want girls to have idols, heroes, and role models. I want to send a strong message to these young girls to live life ‘Con Cuore’.” —Lindsey Berg