Meet Amy Deschaine

Amy Deschaine

Amy Deschaine has been involved in the sports world since she carried the USA flag for the Olympic team at a promotional volleyball match held at Western Michigan University in 1980. She saw the team again in 1984 at a fundraiser in California. One of the items auctioned for the fundraiser was a ride in Tom Selleck’s yacht. He was honorary captain for the ’84 Men’s Olympic Volleyball team and had posed for a poster as a fundraiser prior to the ’84 LA Olympic Games. (Anyone remember this?!?)

All throughout high school and college she worked for her dad, Jim Peterson (President of SNA), and the companies he led. The first was Sports Camps International which eventually became SCI Sports, a mail-order volleyball catalog company. In 1989, when Amy was a junior at MSU, Jim sold his first portable basketball goals to MSU when it was just opening the Breslin Center. We’ve been their supplier for 32 years. Her dad is also good friends with Coach Mick Haley (in the picture above) so she spent her family vacations with the top-rated volleyball coach and his family.

“I officially joined SNA Sports as an office manager over 17 years ago,” said Amy. “And since then, I’ve worked in every department from shipping & packaging to sales & management. Out of all the sports companies I’ve worked for, SNA is my favorite because of our team. Everyone here wears several hats and adjusts as needed to assist customers and meet their needs. We all go the extra mile.”

Unlike other sports manufacturers, the SNA team answers the phone directly, another bonus in Amy’s book. “Customer communication is number one for us,” she stated. “We answer the phone and emails promptly because when we say we’ll do something, we do it. We’re really lucky to have an amazing manufacturing team that allows us to ship standard equipment quickly. And, our custom items are handled by experts who give great attention to detail.”

Want to talk more about your equipment needs or find out what might work best for your facility specifically? Call Amy at 800.823.0182 and she’ll help you out!