Meet Julie Gorter

Amy Deschaine
Julie Gorter

Having started out as SNA’s receptionist 14 years ago, Julie Gorter now serves as a Sales Associate, and makes it her mission to ensure each customer has a better-than-expected experience with SNA Sports and walks away happy. 

“I really do love working at SNA,” mentioned Gorter. “The one-on-one relationships we build with customers are priceless. We’re not just here to manufacture and sell sports equipment—we work with our customers directly to help figure out what they need and what’s best for their facility.

“And, our work doesn’t end when the sale ends,” Gorter continued. “That’s too short-sighted. We sell sports equipment and systems that are built to last. That’s why we check back in with the customer after they’ve had a chance to use the equipment. We want to know how it’s going, if things are meeting their expectations, and make sure they’re as happy as they were when it was delivered and installed.” 

Outside of the office, you can usually find Julie enjoying nature on one of her many long walks or spending time with her two very active sons.  

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