SNA’s Legacy Portable Basketball Systems Internationally Certified

SNA Sports

FIBAThe International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has officially approved SNA Sports Group’s new Legacy portable basketball systems for levels 1, 2, & 3 competitions.

As the world-governing body for basketball, FIBA establishes official basketball rules and regulations, oversees international competitions like the Olympic Basketball Tournament, and certifies basketball systems to be used in tournaments. Colleges and high schools in the United States do not follow FIBA rules so certification is not required. However, any U.S. facility that wants to host a FIBA tournament is required to have approved equipment.

SNA’s legacy basketball systems set the world standard for reliability, stability, safety and ease-of-use. With a host of engineering refinements and designed to withstand years of rigorous play, the Legacy 8 and 10 meet or exceed all international, professional and NCAA requirements.