SNA Sports President Jim Peterson Retires

Amy Deschaine
Jim Peterson
Portable Basketball Specialist

After 36 years of providing superior sports equipment for athletes at all levels of competition all over the world, our Founder and President Jim Peterson is retiring at the end of September. Jim founded SNA Sports Group in 1986 and has led the company to become an industry standard for our ongoing equipment innovations in basketball and volleyball.

Jim had a knack for doing what people said “couldn’t be done.” When FIBA requested an unbreakable backboard and other companies said it was “impossible,” we were able to introduce just such a backboard at the National Sporting Goods trade show later that year. And to this day, SNA’s dunk-proof backboard has never been broken even though ESPN Sports Science tried really hard to make it happen (watch the video here!).

Amy Deschaine, current SNA Vice President and Sales Manager will take the reins and become the new President effective October 1st. Lee Ramirez will be lead Portable Basketball Sales Manager and continue in his role as International Sales Agent.