SNA’s EDGE: The Volleyball System Preferred By Professionals

Amy Deschaine
THE EDGE is the lightest, all-carbon telescoping volleyball system ever.

No one speaks to the quality of our products as well as the people who use them every day. So who better to talk about our volleyball equipment than Mick Haley, collegiate volleyball coach for over 41 years? During his tenure, Mick has coached for both colleges and universities, and the U.S. Women’s National Team, becoming a 4-time National Championship winner and a 3-time National Coach of the Year honoree. It’s safe to say he’s tried a lot of different volleyball systems—but if you ask him, none compare to the EDGE.

Mick Haley“The carbon Edge volleyball system weighs less than any system I have ever used and is incredibly simple to set up, which makes it a great time saver. With more practice time, I have the chance to cultivate better players, and that’s my top priority. I think it’s the best equipment out there.”

Mick Haley

The EDGE was designed with the experience of our athletes and coaches in mind. Its high-strength carbon fiber build offers the same durability you’d expect from our other models, as well as an incredibly lightweight and quick set-up time that makes our net as unstoppable as you.