Wall Mounted Structure Package PKG48STRG

48-Inch to 96-Inch Extension and Glass Backboard.

Made by Bison, Inc.


Field Modifiable.

  • Wall to Backboard Extension Range: 48-inch to 96-inch
  • Cut and drill extension tubes at desired extension length
  • 42-Inch x 72-Inch Glass Backboard (BA42XL) with unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Breakaway Goal (BA35S) with unconditional 3-year replacement warranty
  • DURASKIN Backboard Padding (18 colors) with a 10-year unlimited warranty
  • 5-year warranty on structure
  • All necessary components (except wall mounting fasteners)
  • Model number: PKG48STRG

Note: This is one of five field modifiable packages. See also PKG48STFS, PKG14STFS, PKG14STRG, PKG500