Solid Color Wall Padding – All sizes

Choose from 18 standard solid vinyl colors.


  • Choose from 18 standard solid vinyl colors
  • Based on your measurements, we’ll provide a custom layout
  • 6, 7 or 8-foot tall protective wall padding is a popular choice for basketball court safety.
  • Hidden Z Track or Flange Mounting (seen below) are standard (J-Track and Velcro Mount are also available)
  • 2-inch polyurethane or 2-inch neoprene foam (Upgrade to 3-inch foam)
  • 14-oz. vinyl or 16-oz. vinyl cover
  • 7/16-inch OSB backing board (Upgrade to add a fire retardant coating)

Also available: digital graphics, cutouts (for outlets, light switches, etc.), pole padding, rail padding, stage padding, all weather outdoor padding.