Legacy 10

The Legacy™ 10 portable basketball goal sets a new world standard for reliability, stability, safety and ease of use.



Standard Features.

  • Exclusive Kinematic Integrated Stabilizing System (KISS) for instantaneous setup and uniform weight distribution on the floor. A manual KISS is also available for facilities with limited space.
  • “Dunk Proof” backboard
  • Glass-free rim attachment and full-perimeter aluminum frame
  • Exclusive Pro-Action™ 180 multi-directional breakaway rim with adjustable positive locking mechanism
  • Heavy-duty power beam and support structure
  • Powerful lift springs
  • Foot-operated quick release mechanism
  • Front locator pins for precise placement and stability
  • Quick-Set™ Goal Height Adjustment
  • Full six-inches of padding in the front impact area
  • Double double eight-inch swivel casters in the front and new triple double eight-inch casters in the rear
  • FIBA approved equipment
Comprehensive Warranty Package
  • Superstructure and KISS: 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • “Dunk Proof” Backboard: Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Pro-Action 180 Rim: 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Backboard Padding: 10-Year Limited Warranty
Space Requirements

Legacy 10 requires a minimum of 16-feet 10-inches for standard KISS, or 13-feet 4-inches for manual KISS, from the baseline to the nearest wall or obstruction. Storage dimensions are six-feet 10-inches high, 6-feet 4-inches wide and 17-feet four-inches long.

SAFETY ZONE: Clearance space 10-feet 8-inches from the backboard to the front of the padded base.

Model number: SNABBLG10A